Verse 1

I’ve driven down highways
I’ve driven down roads
I’ve driven to places that everybody knows
But where nobody goes

I’ve driven in the ice
I’ve driven in the snow
I’ve driven in the rain
When people hid in their homes
When people locked out the cold


And I’m driven away
Driven, farther and farther away

Verse 2

Where the straight lanes blend with the lines of the horizon
And a bent brim cap keeps the sun out my eyes
Even thought I keep heading its way
Stuck chasing another day

Dredge the long black rivers with the gilded signs
With the lily pad gas stations every hundred miles
Relying on a rusty frame
Depending on a dying trade


That’s driven to change
Driven, further and further away

Verse 3

I’ve seen mountains that smoke where there is no fire
I’ve seen the hills of California burn,
I’ve seen the Colorado run dry
But even the mighty C&O railroad must die.
I’ve seen the peaks that changed lives before my time
I’ve seen the canyon that split my father’s heart before mine
Oh, those were the times.

Pictures stand silent for a thousand words
When pictures write a generation’s curse
With one simple phrase:
“Things didn’t used to be this way”


They were driven to change.
And we’re paving the way.

Verse 4

Between the Hard Rains and New Orleans
We can hope we can pray this is just Dylan’s dream
But I’m afraid, babe, it’s the real thing.
So I’ve put to sleep all my hounds of greed
I’ve taken a look around, this world has taken me
I’m only taking what I need
Won’t you try to take this seriously

Chorus & Tag

We’re driven to change
And me and you, we are paving the way
As we fly as we drive further away
Remember, we are the change that we make
Drive, strive, fight for your change.
Drive, strive, fight for your change.