excerpt from The Dream of Information

(work in progress)

as many, many times bored in the bank in line
waiting for a sucker behind my mom's purse and wooden sandals
maybe a root beer dum-dum with a joke on the wrapper right behind my
ten year old head the portable hole opened up to the shelf of Everything just like
bugs bunny could lay it out and dive on in to pop out from a tree I'd reach
into a magic bag & shelf pull out maybe volume 4 Cal-Cot gold stamped of the
junior brittanica read about california cauliflower chemistry compost copper mining to marvel
at the sky! its depth! so much up there that we are in, traveling through! reach in
to that portable hole and bag of holding into time to the minds of dead friends over the barriers
of the river of death or a Wall round the world their hands moved with ink
or clay in THE world the real world right there, right over, right behind my head
and maybe everyone's head, a backwards camera in tight focus so every moment
could have every thought and book! Every song! Then I'd get that sucker, unwrap it
read the joke & chew till the layered white stick unrolled its paper layers to my teeth