Outside of Serenity

I lean back--
stretching, staring at the starry sky above me
eyes absorbing ancient waves of light
miles they've traveled humble my tired body

Warm water works its way around my calves
elbows sink into the silt below
steam curls up into nimble wraiths
water their womb, sky their home

Stars gaze down--
I shy away, they are many, I am but one
they tug at the steam and on my heartstrings
urging me to wander and to tirelessly roam

The water's surface shivers with light
the reflections send my nerves racing
I close my eyes, the breeze picks up
deep inhale, my lungs are shaking

I plunge into the quiet black
small bubbles escape my lips
at last no light, no frenzied movement
only warm escape, subtle bliss