Francis Abasi Ha Ha Ha

It’s midday. Nobody goes to sleep each day. Maybe he drank too much haha. No eating, no drinking. Lazy like lions.

The professor tapped his computer with pink fingers, webbed with dark veins. A room of white blank-faces crowded his vision. He looked down.

Yes. 1:57 AM in Kenya right now. Yes, people are busy asleep.

Let me just give a story about what happened in Kenya while my computer wakes haha. It was 1990. I was traveling back to the Nairobi, no the Mombasa. It was one of those jitney-vehicles. You know, those container vehicles. It takes you way out where the plane was parked. The airline remain unnamed. Yes, the plane was not ready. We stayed in the container. It was hot. Then came the prespit— Presbyterians hahaha presplit—precipitation? That one haha. We waited for an hour and the plane was overbooked. People were sitting on the floor. We started going but the road, the tire on the road makes that roar. Rrrr haha, yes. People were sitting on the floor. They’ll survive haha. But it was like one of those race cars. The runway was of concern. This is Kenya. Whatever population is there let it be there. The moment you put there the road in these communities, settlements will adjust to these networks.

Talk about the devil.

His laptop blinked on, low battery. He turns to adjust the adapter.

 It becomes much difficult. I don’t know; it depends on how long it goes. Ah yes, you see this adapter I bought for $5 in Kenya. Here they charge $20. Maybe there’s a reason. Haha. As more you increase the price.