I am ashamed to ask

I am ashamed to ask:

What money has to do with me

Write: money without ego, rhetorical diversions, value judgements and going metapolitical

I keep trying to write about money without rhetoric, without ego, without declarative statements, and without going meta. (Ego does rhetoric in politically self-conscious declaration, then condescends by repeating the line.) If ironic distance is money m.o., what’s my come-to-jesus?

First line of questioning on the camino real:

Qualms, alms, twenty-nine palms: let’s say there’s a hell
let’s say there’s a road
let’s say more than one
some slicker than others

and asphalt pavers?
you said it: costly

separation: highway robbery!
your money or your life

(wait is that real no wait
go slow
stick together

Katie from Kentucy:

‘go ahead and laugh ‘cause
it don’t cost



coin means wedge