When You Need It Most

        rain soaked
sky bursts
polychromatic fluorescent concentrate
rain soaked curly spirals
        curl and spiral along a line        the jaw
line that tightens and releases
with rain soaked spiraling        thinking        thoughts
furrowed  brows
        reddened cheeks
                pursed lips
tired                                        eyes see me through caffeinated eyes
white bursts into blue and green I know
that much

blink                        awake
        blink                        awake
it’s only being awake
blink                awake

while hard thoughts curl and spiral                tear and tangle
        all whorls and ruffles                blinkblink                        mmmmm
outside thoughts                                        awake
rain soaked
mud soaked        wind
soaked        run soaked
        sun soaked
curl and spiral
into now
skies                                                                        soft music

                                under parted cloud stars